Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Spring Flowering Bulbs fundraiser

A Ranunculus near the hall (my favourite)
As we get into Autumn, it is time to think about planting bulbs which will grow in the Spring and give beautiful flowers.

You can support the Multicultural Women's Sewing Group by buying bulbs or selling them to friends. Ask Mich, Laura or Angela for a printed order form, or click here to look at the bulb catalogue online.

A brave daffodil in front of the church last Spring

Tesselaar bulbs are good quality, come with planting instructions and don't need much care or skill. Once they finish flowering in spring, they will die down and most will multiply and flower again in following years (In Melbourne, tulip bulbs will need to be dug up and put in the fridge before re-planting).

How do I order bulbs? Find someone with a printed catalogue, choose the bulbs you want and tell them your order.
Look at the online catalogue, choose the bulbs you would like.Text or email Ange or Jennifer telling us your name and how many of each pack you would like. Each one has a letter from A to Z.

How do I pay? You can pay us when we give you the bulbs, or before. You can also pay by EFT directly to MWSG: BSB 633 000  ACCOUNT: 155 00 3312 So we can track payments, please include a reference in the EFT transaction. Use BULBS followed by your surname eg BULBS SMITH

When do I need to order by? Email or text your order to Jennifer or Angela by 31st March.

Jennifer           0416 049 647 or jypmok@gmail.com
Angela             0402 765 928 or ange-stock-arts@optusnet.com.au

When do the bulbs arrive?
We will get your bulb packages back by about mid-April - perfect for an autumn planting! You can pick them up at Sewing Group or we will contact you about how to get them to you. (We won't be able to post them).

The Multicultural Women’s Sewing Group Inc. REALLY appreciates your help.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Asylum Seeker Women's Event 18 March -can you help?

Asylum Seeker Women’s Sewing Session & Lunch
Friday 18 March
11AM - 2PM

We’re happy to again be hosting a group of asylum seeker women as we work with them to each finish a simple project.

We are looking for women to help one-to-one with using a sewing machine, but also some help with cutting and ironing. Or if you knit or crochet, come and help beginners with that.
It is sure to be a really fun day and there will be a delicious lunch provided by Lentara Uniting Care.
If you are interested in helping part or all of the time, please get in touch with Jennifer on 0416 049 647 or jypmok@gmail.com