Sunday, 25 August 2013

Warming Wheatbag Sewing Bees

If you arrive in Melbourne in Winter with barely more than the clothes you are wearing, you can get very cold. An open Facebook group called Welcome Home!! (A donation exchange for refugees & asylum seekers in Melb) has been
gathering and distributing basic necessities, and the sewing group is going to host a couple of
sewing bees to make a pile of wheatbags to warm these newcomers.
A wheatbag, heated for a couple of minutes in the microwave, is like a hot water bottle,
only safer. Besides, we don't know how to make hot water bottles!

You can be useful even if you've never sewn before.
Let us know if you are interested, and what date/time would suit you,
and maybe join Welcome Home!!  

Edited to add: We have been asked to make some hot water bottle covers too,
as most asylum seeker houses don't have microwaves at this stage.

So far Friday morning is looking like a good time for the few who have mentioned a preference,
and we will make a start this Friday from 10:15 am. I will need to leave by about 12:30.

Normal sewing group times are also good times to sew for this project. Check on the right for
address, times and contact details.