Friday, 11 December 2015

Mary is very happy

Mary is from Sri Lanka and has been attending sewing group for the last couple of months.  At her first session, Mary carefully wrote down the English names of all the items in her small sewing box.  Mary's English is actually very good!  She was very happy when she recently completed this nightgown!
sewing, nightgown, handmade
Mary's nightgown Dec 2015

Jane's leather purse

Two of our newest members, Jane & Minna have been busy making beautiful purses.  Here's a gorgeous tasselled item that Jane recently completed.
sewing, leather, tassels, hand-made
Leather Purse with tassels by Jane Dec 2015

Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Join us to celebrate another great year of caring and creativity.  

Groups that meet at Brunswick Baptist Church will gather together to share food and good company.

Please bring some multicultural food to share - especially foods that you traditionally enjoy at this time of the year.

Some money may be available if you need to buy special  ingredients.  

Please call Michaela (0423 226 303) if you need help or any information.

We look forward to seeing you!

Thursday, 12 November 2015


We are working with Enable - a social enterprise on a mission to tackle disadvantage in inner-northern Melbourne.  We are making dog bandanas which will be sold by Enable online and at local markets.   
MWSG will receive part of the profits that we can then spend on overlocker repairs or new scissors! 
It’ll be a fun way to practice sewing.  So come along to help make these simple scarves, support the work of Enable, and make much needed money for our sewing group!

We will be working on the Dog Bandanas for the next couple of months at all of our regular sessions.  We’d love your help to cut, iron, turn out and machine-sew!

Wednesdays @ 12.30- 3 pm & Saturdays @ 2.30 - 4.30 pm

For more information talk to Laura or call Angela on 0402 765 928

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Daughter sews a bag!

Ayesha sews the straps of her shopping  bag
It's just so lovely to see both mothers and daughters sewing!  
In this case, Ayesha was making a bag under the guidance of her mother, Anu and Laura.
Ayesha also happened to have a beautiful butterfly painted on her face!

When shall we see the boys on the sewing machines?

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Check out this video about our group  

This short video was made by Moreland City Council in 2014 and gives a little insight into what we're all about.  It features Jennifer Mok - volunteer and sewing group ambassador extraordinaire!

There's been some pretty

 patch-working going on lately!

Nicole is a new member of the sewing group, an American who has been living here for about 6 years.  At her first session, Nicole finished this beautiful quilt by binding the edges. 

Terese has been coming to the sewing group since July and has been very busy.  With help from Ann, one of our lovely volunteers, Terese recently created this great cushion cover.


Friday, 28 August 2015


Vintage Fabric & Trims Sale:

Phillips Shirts, an established Melbourne based shirtmaker is selling a broad selection of rare vintage fabrics from its exclusive archive to public. Fabrics featured in the sale are 100% cotton, silk, linen and cotton blend suitable for kidswear, womenswear, menswear and homewares. Source quality fabrics from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and China kept in excellent condition for your collection. Buttons and lace trims also available. Fabric price starting from $5 a metre. 
Sewing machinery also for sale!

Date: 5th-9th Oct 12-6pm and 10th Oct 10-4pm.
Location: 274 Little Lonsdale Street
To make a viewing time contact: Amit
Phone: 0422213736

Christina from Columbia

Christina and her daughter Camilla have been coming to sewing for a couple of months.  Christina is visiting from Columbia.  She created this beautiful apron!
Christina in her apron

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Some more images from Asylum Seeker Women's Sewing Gathering

On the machines with a super quiet toddler 
watching on from Melissa's lap

Knitting and Crocheting Corner

A finished bag about to walk out the door!
Knitting and chatting 

A first time knitter learns the basics from Jodi
A Lentara volunteer with a keen knitter

Monday, 15 June 2015

Volunteers and asylum seeker women sew together.

Margaret & one of the women from the Asylum Seeker Project

Here is Margaret and an asylum seeker she assisted during a special sewing session on Friday 12 June.  As part of a regular gathering of women coordinated by the Asylum Seeker Project, this event highlighted how special it can be to create something with someone.  

The photo shows one of the 20 bags that were sewn by the women with the help of our volunteers. There was also some great work coming out of the busy crochet and knitting corner.
Thanks so much to Sara, Elisa & all at Lentara Uniting Care for inviting us to take part. And for the delicious lunch.

And much gratitude to these sewing group women who so happily shared their time, enthusiasm & talent: 
Jennifer, Laura, Kamala, Madiha, Margaret, Anita, Melissa, Sara and her friend!, Melissa R, Sooki, Marlene, Tracey, Jodi, Angela, Bindi, Debbie, Nat and Ruza. 
We all really enjoyed spending time with you all.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Katie makes a cushion cover!

One of our talented volunteers, Anne has headed overseas to Iceland & Scandinavia for a holiday.  But before her trip, Anne helped many, many women -including Katie who finished this patchwork cushion cover today.
Happy travels Anne and happy sewing Katie.

cushion cover created by Katie

Thursday, 21 May 2015


We've been asked to think creatively about how the sewing group works in the room that the Brunswick Baptist Church so kindly provides us for free.  
How can we change the workspace so it is more inviting for the other groups such as playgroups that also use the room? 
Above is one layout idea (with the sewing tables in colour).  
What do you think?

We'd love your input and ideas.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Thank you Madiha

Some more photos of Madiha's thank you party.

A BIG thanks to everyone who attended and shared their yummy food with us!

I'm very happy to be back and see you all again! 

Monday, 27 April 2015

Thank you Madiha!
And all that came along to celebrate Madiha's year as acting facilitator at the Sewing Group! We at the sewing group do a very fine celebration with fabulous food and even some dancing music (thanks Michaela!)

The photo shows Madiha (L) with long time member Von alongside Laura (R). We welcome Laura home to Melbourne and back to her role as facilitator. 

Thanks so much too, for contributing to the conversation around the party table as we met to discuss the way the sewing group is currently run and how that may change into the future.  

We will be slowly putting in place some of the things we talked about - including a list of ways that you may help  and participate in ways more than just sewing. 

Please talk to Laura, Angela or Jennifer if you have any more suggestions or questions about the group.

Monday, 30 March 2015

You're invited!

Even if it's been a while since we've seen you've been at sewing, this invite is to all the wonderful women of the MWSG community. Please join us for this celebration:

Laura is soon to return from her world wide adventure. 
So it is time to thank Madiha for her patience and fabulously super!sewing skills over the last year. 

We will also be holding a very quick but important meeting 
about future plans for the sewing group.  
It won’t take long & we’d like you all to be there.

Saturday 18 April 
from 3.30 pm 
“Thanks SO much Madiha”  +  “Welcome home Laura” 
afternoon tea party

followed by
MWSG meeting from 4.15 pm

Please bring along a plate of afternoon tea to share.
Contact Jennifer or Angela if you have any questions.

p.s. Laura ‘s first day back at work will be Saturday, 11 April

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Well as you know, Madiha has been doing a marvellous job as our sewing teacher whilst Laura has been overseas. With Laura due back in April, we were thinking how it would be so great if we could afford to pay BOTH Laura and Madiha to work for the sewing group as they both have such a lot to offer - as well as being lovely people!
But as is often the way, it comes down to funds. If you can help us with the fund-raising for MWSG (like the Bulb ordering that is on NOW!) we might find a way to keep employing Madiha.
Please get in touch if you need Bulb order forms or have any fund-raising ideas.

Farina (who was too shy to be in the photo) was so determined to make head way on this special, swishy green dress last Saturday! With Madiha's expert help she is well on her way to finishing.  With just two Saturday afternoons at sewing group, meeting Farina showed me just how exciting it can be to develop a new skill like sewing and how satisfying it is to make something unique that is yours alone.

As the brand new Project Officer at MWSG, I'm really enjoying meeting new members like Farina as well those who've been coming quite a bit longer.  If I haven't met you yet, I should explain I've been employed by the Brunswick Baptist Church to assist the group in becoming financial sustainable into the future.   So apart from getting to know everyone, I'll be trying to organise how we do things, including getting us incorporated!  If you'd like to know what's involved in this exciting step as well as the other ideas we have to help the group grow, then please make sure your contact details are up to date (ask for a form) or look out for me the next time you are in.  

Looking forward to meeting you,
Angela Stock

p.s There's still a little time left to help raise money by buying bulbs (to plant NOW for beautiful flowers in spring). The more we sell the more money we have for sewing group so ask your friends and family to order now.  See Jennifer or Angela for order forms. Payment due Saturday 28 March.