Monday, 6 February 2012

Brigid and Percy Pig

What brings you to the sewing group?

      Convenience, locality, diversity and the group was recommended to me.

Tell us about your pigs.

I found a vintage soft toy book at an op shop by author Hilda Hincks. I had 9 special kids to make Christmas presents for and the presents all needed to be the same, so none were less special than the others. Once everyone saw the pigs they all wanted one, 
I am now on piggy number 15.

The fabric is a vintage 1950’s blanket from my Aunt, who was of the mend and make do generation. The thread was also inherited from my aunt, the only new supplies are the embroidery thread and filling.

Each piggy has his own outfit that caters to that child’s interests. One has a whole wardrobe of clothing choices.

How are the pigs are made?

      I sewed each body part individually here at the sewing group. 

I hand sew the ears on first, followed by the head to the body and the arms go on last.

       I then use embroidery thread to make the nose and eyes.

       The finishing touch is a little outfit.

 Brigid and another happy customer!

If you liked Brigid’s Percy The Pig come visit us at the sewing group.  We have a photocopy of the book and it has many more fantastic animals to choose from.