Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Daughter sews a bag!

Ayesha sews the straps of her shopping  bag
It's just so lovely to see both mothers and daughters sewing!  
In this case, Ayesha was making a bag under the guidance of her mother, Anu and Laura.
Ayesha also happened to have a beautiful butterfly painted on her face!

When shall we see the boys on the sewing machines?

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Check out this video about our group  

This short video was made by Moreland City Council in 2014 and gives a little insight into what we're all about.  It features Jennifer Mok - volunteer and sewing group ambassador extraordinaire!

There's been some pretty

 patch-working going on lately!

Nicole is a new member of the sewing group, an American who has been living here for about 6 years.  At her first session, Nicole finished this beautiful quilt by binding the edges. 

Terese has been coming to the sewing group since July and has been very busy.  With help from Ann, one of our lovely volunteers, Terese recently created this great cushion cover.